TUESDAY: Expect mostly cloudy skies during the day with temperatures starting out near 70. Wind picks up from the south, likely between 10 and 20 mph. Gusts could reach 35 mph. Temperatures reach the mid-80s by mid-afternoon.

Into the evening and overnight hours, one or two strong to severe storms will likely build over western Arkansas. These storms could be especially dangerous due to the nocturnal risk for tornadoes. Since more people will be sleeping and less likely to get warnings, we must remain vigilant.

Any tornadoes that develop could be strong and long-lived. Stay weather-aware into the night, all the way into Wednesday morning.

EXTENDED FORECAST: Wednesday will bring more showers and storms, especially over eastern Arkansas. Some of these could be strong to severe. But the tornado risk is a bit lower for Wednesday while the wind risk increases slightly.

Storms move out by Wednesday evening, leaving us cooler and drier but with lingering clouds into late-week.


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