Today, we’re not going to have all that cloud cover like Wednesday. So, it will get warmer. It stayed down in the 70s for most of yesterday thanks to all those clouds, but managed to reach that 80° mark at one point. Today will be much sunnier, so it will warm into the mid 80s.

Rain and thunderstorms enter the forecast tomorrow. There may be two rounds of rain and thunderstorms. The first could enter West Arkansas around 6 AM. This will likely be weakening as it moves east. If this round occurs, then the warmth of the day may be limited and even limit the strength of the evening round of thunderstorms that are expected to come through just ahead of the cold front. If there is any severe weather, and I don’t think it looks likely, damaging wind is the primary and nearly solo threat. That severe weather threat resides in Southwest Arkansas more than anywhere else.

Rainfall amounts may approach two inches by Saturday morning, especially in the western part of the state.