TONIGHT: It’s going to be a very warm & humid night. Low temperatures in the upper 70s, but it wont drop below 80°F until well after midnight. With the high humidity still in place, it will feel close to 100°F through 9pm. It will be clear and calm with a light southwesterly wind.

THURSDAY: Uncomfortable and dangerously hot again Thursday. We will likely hit 100°F again Thursday afternoon with it feeling like 110°F. Little Rock has officially hit 100 degrees 3 times this year (June 22, June 25 & July 6). Rain is not expected. It is advised to avoid the peak heating hours of the day from noon to 4pm. If you have to work outside, make sure to take breaks in the shade or air conditioning and keep hydrated.

WHAT’S NEXT: Every day through Friday will come close to or hit 100°F. A better shot for some showers & storms (albeit not widespread) comes Saturday. It will be less humid Sunday & Monday.

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