100-Degree Temperatures, Here We Come

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Hot Summer Weather is coming and likely Little Rock’s first 100-Degree Day in over 1,100 days. July 15, 2018 is the last time Little Rock officially reached 100°. Little Rock reached 101° then.

These images show the forecasted height of the 500 mb pressure level in our atmosphere. Most know that hot air rises or expands. When our atmosphere heats up, it expands too, so it reaches a higher height. These images show how the height of the 500 mb pressure level increases over the next week and a half. Don’t worry about the actual height but notice how it becomes a darker orange which denotes higher atmospheric height.

From Wednesday morning, July 21, 7 AM, to July 31, 7 AM, the height of the 500 mb pressure level increases by at least 60 meters or almost 197 feet. That’s a big increase and will likely lead to 100-degree temperatures in Arkansas.
See the Arkansas Storm Team Forecast by clicking here.

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