The trees of Arkansas usually produce vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and browns in the first half of November. Even after a dry late summer and early fall season, the trees are not disappointing us this year. Thanks to our wonderful viewers’ submissions, we are compiling pictures of Arkansas’s beautiful fall foliage right here.

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Janet Richardson from Norfolk Overlook
Allison Milligan on Sylamore Creek near Mountain View
Courtesy: Greg Yarbrough – Little Rock, Arkansas

In central Arkansas, early to mid-November is when we usually see our peak colors. You can expect these peak colors to stick around through next week. Our fall colors will slowly start to fade throughout the rest of the month.

The time of our fall colors peaking changes slightly from year to year due to changes in the weather. Typically, the best conditions for vibrant fall colors are a warm, wet spring, a typical summer that isn’t too hot or dry, and fall days that are warm and sunny, followed by cool nights. However, it’s best when temperatures stay above freezing in the overnight hours.

A drought during the summer can have an impact on fall foliage. In 2022, we saw fall colors a bit earlier, and the colors were not as vibrant because of the summer drought.

As we continue to see our peak of fall colors, feel free to send us your fall photos! You can email them to us at or Or you can download the free Arkansas Storm Team App and upload the photos there. Scan the QR code below to download the free app.