October started hot like Summer but is ending like Winter. The first day of the month hit 95°F in Little Rock, but come Halloween morning, temperatures will be bone-chilling.

High temperatures throughout the month of October have been around 6°F above average, with over half the month seeing afternoons at or above 80°F. The average high temperatures for Little Rock in October are typically in the upper-60s to upper-70s, with mornings in the mid-40s to mid-50s.

Temperatures will drop to freezing and sub-freezing levels come Halloween morning, with the majority of Arkansas in the upper 20s and low 30s.

The average low temperature in Little Rock by the end of October is 45°F. Mornings typically don’t drop this cold on average until December in Little Rock.

Freeze Warnings go into effect from midnight through 9 am Tuesday morning for sub-freezing and freezing temperatures. The average first freeze in Arkansas is mid-November.

Make sure to bring in any plants on the patio or porch by Monday evening. Check on friends and family members who may not have heat available to them or are more susceptible to freezing temperatures. Pets should not be left outside in frigid temperatures if proper heating and shelter are not available for them outside. Pipes inside should be fine in 30°F temps, but once it drops closer to 20°F, they will need to be monitored and proper precautions taken.

Freezing mornings are expected to last through Thursday for Little Rock. Temperatures will warm to the 40s by this weekend with more seasonable afternoons in the upper 60s.


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