While temperatures do not feel very fall-like, we are officially in the autumn season. The amount of daylight we receive is slowly getting smaller and smaller, and this week we officially say goodbye to sunsets in the 7 o’clock hour.

Tuesday, September 26th marks our last 7 p.m. sunset of the year in Little Rock. Starting on Wednesday, September 27th, our sunsets will occur in the 6 o’clock hour.

Earlier sunset times

As we continue into the fall season we will see the end of Daylight Saving Time, pushing our sunset times up even earlier into the evenings. However, our sunrise times will also be pushed up a bit earlier.

Sunset times

Our sunsets will be as early as 4:58 PM during the beginning of December. 7 p.m. sunsets will not return to The Natural State until the middle of March 2024.