LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Widespread showers move in all day Thanksgiving across Arkansas, with the heaviest rain over south Arkansas.

North Arkansas could see ½” to 1″ of rain Thursday, central Arkansas 1″-1½” and south Arkansas 1-2″+

Over 50 million Americans are expected to travel between November 23 and November 27, according to AAA. This would be the third busiest since AAA started tracking in 2000, with most Americans traveling by car.

Across the US, weather will be relatively quiet for the busy travel day Wednesday. It will be breezy & cooler over the southern Plain extending into New Mexico and Colorado. Dry across the East and West Coasts. No severe weather is anticipated Wednesday.

Thanksgiving’s forecast will be a bit different. Arkansas will be one of the wettest states across the nation. East Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana will see the heaviest rain, but storms or severe weather is not anticipated. Some snow well develop over the Rockies and higher elevations in New Mexico by Thanksgiving.

High temperatures will be in the upper 50s and low 60s Wednesday afternoon with mid 50s on Thanksgiving. No winter weather is anticipated, as it will be too warm Thanksgiving. It is important to note, roads will be slick all of Thanksgiving, so allow some extra time to get to your destination across Arkansas.

If you plan on traveling on Thanksgiving or the days following, you will have to deal with wet roads. There’s a chance of rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

It will be chilly & rainy Thanksgiving morning, so runners and walker in Turkey Trots should dress accordingly. Lightning is not expected, so delays due to storms is not anticipated for races Thursday.

Rain clears out entirely by Sunday. It will be sunny in the low 60s to wrap up Thanksgiving weekend. Travel hazards are not anticipated in Arkansas due to weather Sunday.


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