LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Many Arkansans including myself have been struggling with allergies lately.

For most people allergy season is during the springtime when everything is blooming. This is true for those who react to tree and grass pollen. Fall is another time when some people start to sneeze again.

This is mainly caused by ragweed. According to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, ragweed is very abundant in Arkansas and it releases its pollen during the late summer and early fall.

Unfortunately, there is no immediate relief from the high pollen count. Over the next few days, the pollen count for ragweed will remain near high levels,

Pollen information from

There are a couple of factors that can reduce pollen counts. Rain can help wash the pollen out of the air for temporary relief. A frost or freeze would also do the trick.

There is no rain expected over the next week and a frost is unlikely for a few more weeks so if you are experiencing allergy flare-ups, they will likely continue.

– Meteorologist Alex Libby

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