It’s officially severe weather awareness week in the state of Arkansas. Monday’s topic is flooding. This covers both flash floods and floods.

A flood is a longer event than a flash flood and usually takes more than 6 hours. A flood occurs when water from a flash flood or heavy rain event eventually moves to a river, causing them to rise and eventually flood towns and fields. A flood can last days or weeks.

Flash flood vs. flood

A flash flood usually occurs within 6 hours. It happens when rain falls faster than it can be carried away. This leaves the water with no place to go and it starts to cover roads and make streams rise.

Flash flooding isn’t always what comes to mind when people think of severe weather. However, flash flooding is the deadliest thunderstorm hazard.

According to the National Weather Service, flash flooding was responsible for more than 80 fatalities annually in the last 30 years, while tornadoes accounted for 70 nationwide.

Severe weather awareness week- flooding

Flash flooding is especially dangerous when driving. Half of all flash flood deaths are due to driving in flood waters. Remember to turn around, don’t drown.

What you can do to be better prepared for flooding is to know local areas prone to flooding, and what areas to avoid.

Stick with the Arkansas Storm Team throughout severe weather awareness week as we discuss a new topic each day.