LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Our first wave of freezing rain and sleet has moved through, leaving much of Arkansas with a glaze of ice on elevated surfaces. Some roadways are dangerous as well.

For those who managed to dodge Monday night’s greatest impacts, another wave is rolling in. This will make roads much more dangerous into Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Ice Storm Warnings remain in effect across the central tier of the state. A few additional counties have been added to this warning, including Ouachita, Calhoun and Bradley Counties. These dark purple-shaded counties are where the heaviest accumulations of freezing rain will occur. This would lead to more tree damage and power outages.

This Ice Storm Warning will remain in effect through 9 a.m. Similar impacts will be felt in the white-shaded counties. A lighter glaze is expected in the light purple-shaded counties.

Most of Tuesday’s precipitation will come in the form of freezing rain. We currently anticipate at least a quarter-inch of ice to accumulate across central Arkansas. This potential appears to be increasing a bit more in southeast Arkansas.

½” of ice adds 500 pounds of extra weight on power lines and trees

This round of freezing precipitation will move in around midday Tuesday. It will continue through much of the afternoon and evening before slacking off some overnight. Still, areas of light drizzle and sub-freezing temperatures will keep roads slick into Wednesday morning.

To put these totals into perspective, here’s a closer look at the impacts these totals could bring. This event appears to be more disruptive than critical.

Some models suggest that sleet could mix in with some of this freezing rain. Sleet would be more likely to fall to the ground, rather than accumulate to power lines and tree branches. If this happens, it could limit power outages. But still, roads will be dangerous. So plan accordingly.

As we have said for days, be sure you’re stocked up on food, wood and flashlights in anticipation of losing power. Locate extra blankets and have an emergency kit in your car if you do have to leave home. This kit may include: food, water, blankets and a flashlight. Make sure phones are charged, and if you absolutely must hit the roads, share your location with someone.

Here is the latest timing ↓

Green = Rain, Pink = freezing rain/sleet, and Blue = Snow.

As for the third round of precipitation, temperatures may be a bit more marginal for that event. However, some additional freezing rain will be possible. As you can see from the timing graphic, this round will move in Wednesday afternoon. Into the night, temperatures will likely drop below freezing again, keeping roads dangerous into Thursday morning.


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