Mild and sunny weather on Monday will quickly turn rainy and windy on Tuesday. A Wind Advisory goes into effect for much of the central and northern part of the state at 6 AM Tuesday.

Winds will be around 20-30 mph out of the south, with gusts reaching 40-50 mph.

Wind Advisory Map

Winds will be increasing throughout the morning as a front approaches. Winds will remain breezy during the afternoon and evening hours.

Trash Can Alert Day

These wind gusts will be strong enough to knock over loose items outside, so make sure to secure any items and take your trash cans inside if possible before Tuesday morning.

Forecast wind gusts

While winds will be breezy all day on Tuesday, expect the highest gusts to occur during the lunchtime hour.

Hour by hour wind gusts graphic

While Valentine’s Day will be breezy, it will also be on the rainy side for much of the day. Temperatures will be on the milder side in the mid-60s, however, it will likely feel cooler than that with the rain and wind.

Valentine’s Day Forecast

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