LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – No records have been broken here in Little Rock this week, but that doesn’t mean temperatures have not been really hot. So hot, that Little Rock has been out several areas for high temperatures. On Monday, Little Rock hit 101°. That was higher than the high in Amarillo, TX as well as Albuquerque, NM.

However, when you factor in the heat index, that is when Little Rock really starts to top the charts.

In Las Vegas Tuesday, temperatures warmed to 104°. However, the temperatures only felt like 101°. While Little Rock was technically cooler only at 100°, it felt warmer with a feels-like temperature of 112°. Therefore yesterday afternoon, Little Rock felt 11° warmer than Las Vegas.

High temperatures in Las Vegas Tuesday.

Little Rock also beat Tehran, Iran Tuesday. They topped out at 99° yesterday with a heat index of 104°. This means Little Rock felt 8° warmer than parts of the Middle East Tuesday afternoon.

High temperatures in Tehran, Iran Tuesday.

While it was hot in Little Rock Tuesday, it was not hot enough to beat Death Valley. They topped out at a scorching 119° with a feels-like temperature of 116°. Little Rock was only 4° shy of tying the heat index with Death Valley.

High temperatures in Death Valley Tuesday.

On the complete other end of the spectrum, Antarctica is experiencing winter and it is very cold there! Tuesday the high temperature in Vostok was -86° with a wind chill of -124°. Therefore, Tuesday afternoon it felt 236° warmer in Little Rock compared to Vostok, Antarctica!

High temperatures in Vostok, Antarctica Tuesday.