LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s no secret that Arkansas has needed rain for the last few weeks. Dry conditions have caused worsening drought conditions across the state, as well as given no relief to the blistering heat.

However, some areas are in more need than others in terms of rainfall. This can easily been seen on the most recent drought monitor. This came out last Thursday the 14th, and includes all data through July 12th. The driest parts of the state are the northern half and far southeast Arkansas.

Current drought monitor as of July 14th.

A new drought monitor for the entire state is due out tomorrow morning. In the meantime we can look at where some cities sit as far as current rainfall.

Year to date rainfall totals across Arkansas.

No surprise that most areas across the state are reporting a deficit for this year’s rainfall. Some of the worst deficits across the state are in Texarkana with more than 5 inches below average and Fayetteville with more than 4.5 inches below average.

Observed rainfall vs. average rainfall for Little Rock and Forth Smith.

However, while much of the state has been very dry over the last few weeks, a few pop up thunderstorms have brought portions of the state a surplus of rainfall. In Little Rock we currently sit at a little over 2 inches of surplus rain.

One of the biggest surpluses in the state is in Forth Smith. They have received so far this year 9 inches of rain above normal levels.

Current fire weather danger across the state.

Current wildfire danger is at a high level for the western half of the state. Moderate wildfire danger remains across the eastern half of the state.

Current burn bans across the state as of 7/20.

As of July 20th, 67 out of the 75 counties in Arkansas are under a burn ban.

So what will the next drought monitor due out tomorrow morning look like? While some areas have seen rain with in the last week, many have not. Drought conditions are expected to have worsen for many areas across the state.


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