LITTLE ROCK, Ark – It has been two weeks since Little Rock hit 100° and since then we’ve seen seasonable temperatures and periodic rain chances. Now, all signs are pointing toward even cooler temperatures and even more rainfall.

The Climate Prediction Center makes an extended forecast that predicts weather trends 8 to 14 days in the future. Their latest forecast shows Arkansas has a high likelihood of seeing below-average temperatures and above-average rainfall.

These cooler and wetter conditions are caused by a dip in the jet stream. For most of the summer, the jet stream has stayed well north of the Natural State, which is normal for the summer. As we near the fall months the jet stream will become wavier and move further south, and that’s exactly what is going to happen toward the end of August!

The dip in the jet stream will cool our temperature, and the jet stream over Arkansas will bring more rain chances. Think of the jet stream as a conveyor belt for storms. The longer we are under it the more rain we will get!


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