Parts of North Arkansas (Central & South Arkansas excluded) did have a Freeze Warning for Monday morning. But even colder weather is expected farther south Tuesday morning and possibly Wednesday morning. So, the National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Warning for Tuesday morning and a Freeze Watch for Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning has a Freeze Watch instead of a Freeze Warning because Freeze Warnings are not issued until we are within 24 hours of the event. The Freeze Watch for Wednesday will likely be flipped to a Freeze Warning Tuesday.

Are you asking why do we have Freeze Warnings now while we haven’t had them throughout the winter? The occasional warmer than average temperatures in the 70s and 80s over the last month have contributed to the start of the growing season in parts of the state including Central, South and some of North Arkansas.. You’ve probably noticed trees blooming and even some grass turning green. The growing season has not started in Northwest Arkansas, so while temperatures may be below 32° there in the morning this week, there is no need for a Freeze Warning there since no damage to permanent outdoor plants is really possible.

It’s actually close to when we normally see our last freeze in Little Rock. The average last freeze for Little Rock is Saint Patrick’s Day. That’s this Friday. So, it’s early only be a few days. Most of Arkansas has its last freeze in late March and early April.

So, it is considerably early for some places, if it is indeed the last freeze, but it probably won’t be the last freeze. More freezing temperatures will be possible this weekend.


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