Freezing temperatures will be widespread Friday morning

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- If you didn’t see frost Thursday morning, you most likely will either Friday or Saturday morning.

Thursday morning much of the state saw freezing temperatures. Little Rock dropped down to 35° at the airport but there were many reports of frost from all parts of the city.

Thursday morning low temperatures.

Fog and remaining cloud cover from Wednesday’s rain prevented areas in southern Arkansas from dropping below freezing. The reason Arkansas will see a more widespread frost Friday and Saturday is that there will be no clouds and calm winds. A frost and freeze will be possible across the entire state on both Friday and Saturday morning.

The National Weather Service has issued freeze warnings for almost the entire state of Arkansas. Parts of southeastern Arkansas are under a frost advisory.

If you haven’t seen a frost of freeze yet, here’s what you should do. Disconnect water houses, install your outdoor faucet covers, bring in or cover non-hardy plants, and remember pets and livestock need protection from the cold too.

If you don’t like the cold, temperatures are forecasted to warm up next week.

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