LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – After a brief break from the extreme heat, Arkansas is back under the heat dome.  A heat dome is essentially like a convective oven over an area.  

High pressure over Arkansas this week.

In scientific terms, a heat dome is when a strong area of high pressure combines with the influence of La Niña. This creates an area of extreme heat trapped under the area of high pressure, making it a dome of heat.

Much of Arkansas has already experienced these conditions throughout June. In Little Rock, we hit the century mark twice, with 20 out of the 30 days of June recording above average temperatures.

High temperatures in Little Rock for June.

The first full week of July has also started off on a warm note. Little Rock has seen 99° twice, with several areas reaching 100°.

High temperatures on Monday.
High temperatures on Tuesday.

The good news is, while it will be very hot this week, we won’t quite be in record-breaking territory. Record high temperatures for this week range from 104°-107°.

Little Rock temperatures records this week.

It’s important to remember that while this heat is not record breaking, it is still dangerous. Most of the state is under a heat advisory on Wednesday, and these heat postings are expected throughout the rest of the week. Remember to stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, and listen to your body during the heat.

Heat Advisory across the south Wednesday.

So when will the heat end? The data isn’t looking promising for prolonged relief. While we might see some slight relief this weekend as the chance for rain increases, it looks like triple digit temperatures will be likely again by early next week. However, early data for later next week could bring some much needed relief.

Forecast temperatures for Monday, July 11th.