The preliminary monthly stats for July are in, and to no surprise – it was a hot month.

Overall, the majority of July was warmer than average in Little Rock, with two days below average, two days average and 27 days above.

July 2022 also had more days at or above 100°F since 2012. Little Rock saw 13 of them – the 4th highest amount on record in July.

BREAKING DOWN THE NUMBERS: The average maximum temperature in July in Little Rock was 97°F (91.7°F is normal). This was the warmest average high temperature since 2012 and the ninth warmest on record.

The average minimum was 76.1°F (71.2°F is normal). This was warmest average low temperatures since 2016 and third warmest ever in Little Rock. July 1998 (76.45°F) is first, followed by July 2016 (76.32°F).

The warmest high temperature was 103°F on July 26. This tied the previous record from 2012.
The warmest low temperature was 83°F on July 20. This broke the previous record of 81°F from 2016.

RAINFALL: Little Rock finished out the month with 3.22″ of rain total out of Little Rock Adams Field and only ⅒” below average. Nearly half the month’s total rain fell July 27 to July 28 with 1.44″ picked up then. Despite this, July 2022 was the driest in two years.

WHAT’S NEXT: While the first week of August has started off more average than the end of July, rain chances overall stay relatively low with high temperature remaining in the 90s and lows in the 70s. Outside burning is discouraged, as our wildfire risk will likely increase again statewide.