LISTEN: Rare thunder sleet observed Thursday morning

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SEARCY, Ark.- Did you wake up to a loud sound early this morning? Take a listen by watching above.

What you are hearing is thunder sleet! Thunder sleet is very similar to thundersnow in that they are both rare. It is caused by an increase in elevated convective energy. This increase in energy is called instability. Once you have instability and a lifting mechanism (frontal boundary) working together, this helps produce lightning and thunder.

Normally, this scenario plays out with warmer events like spring and summer thunderstorms. However, when a warm layer can form aloft during winter weather events, it can help create the rare sounds and visuals of thunder sleet, and thundersnow.

We want to thank an Arkansas Storm Team viewer, Bradley Wihebrink from Searcy, Arkansas for letting us share this.

Below you can view more video of the lightning from the thunder sleet. No audio of the thunder was captured.

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