Little Rock’s stretch of not recording 100°+ comes to end at 1143 days

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The last time Little Rock recorded a 100 degree day was back on July 15, 2018. Today, that streak counter was reset as we reached 100° on September 1st, 2021. 

While the streak of not recording a 100° or hotter day is over, the length of time between today’s reading and the most recent is still record book-worthy. 

Top 5 Longest Stretches Of NOT Reaching 100°

125241887-08-01 through 1894-06-28
221791901-08-04 through 1907-07-22
314861918-08-12 through 1922-09-05
414371947-09-08 through 1951-08-14
511432018-07-16 through 2021-08-31

As you can see above, we made it 1143 days without recording a single 100 degree or hotter day. That makes this most recent streak the 5th longest in Little Rock weather history. Records date back to the late 1800s.  

Something else that is significant about recording 100° today is that it’s only the second time in Little Rock’s 142 year history to do so in the month of September after going through meteorological summer (June-August) not recording one.

Recording our first 100° degree day today becomes the SECOND LATEST FIRST100° Day.

Let’s check out some other 100° facts: 

For Little Rock:  

  • The average first 100° day to be recorded is around July 17  
  • The earliest first 100° day to be recorded was June 6, 1977 
  • The latest first 100° day to be recorded was September 6, 1922 
  • The average last 100° day is around August 16 
  • The earliest last 100° day to be recorded was June 29, 1988 
  • The last latest 100° day to be recorded was September 29, 1953 

Of course, we are strictly talking air temperature only. We know that we have felt 100° temperatures this summer with the high humidity levels experienced in June and July & August. 

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