LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Every Thursday the National Drought Mitigation Center and NOAA release a drought monitor for the country.

Throughout the summer, drought conditions have progressively gotten worse across the state. Very little rain fell across the state throughout June and July.

Fortunately, in the last few weeks rain has returned to the forecast. However, one heavy rainfall does not undo several months of drought conditions.

Last week’s drought monitor showed little improvement across the state. However, beneficial rain fell across the state through midweek. Last week’s rainfall will be factored into this Thursday’s upcoming drought monitor.

Much of central Arkansas saw a good soaking of rain last Tuesday and Wednesday. There were a few spots that remained dry, however many saw some much-needed rain.

Through August, much of the state has picked up around half an inch to an inch of precipitation. Little Rock holds one of the lowest rainfall totals for the month, so far. However, while at the airport only .14 inches of rain has officially fallen, some parts of Little Rock have seen more.

Batesville has one of the highest totals across the state. Through the month of August, Batesville has picked up almost 2 inches of rain. Texarkana has also seen some soaking rain with more than four and a half inches of rain.

Rainfall for the month of August through the 16th.

Beneficial rain is also falling across the state on Wednesday which will continue to improve drought conditions across the state.

With the recent rainfall across much of the state this past week, Thursday’s drought monitor is expected to reveal improving conditions, however, some level of drought is expected to remain.