On this day in 2012: Multiple tornadoes caused damage including destroying a 160-year-old church

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- On this day in 2016, many were enjoying a big snow event, but four years prior to that, the story was much different.

A strong low-pressure system brought an increased opportunity for severe weather. By the evening hours of January 22, a tornado watch was in place and warnings were quickly being issued.

A little after 7 PM, the velocity signature from radar showed a well-defined couplet which presented a high likelihood that a tornado was occurring.

This tornado continued into Cleveland County, moving just north of Kingsland. This one storm cell continued to move northeast and helped produce a few more tornadoes.

In all, seven tornadoes were confirmed from this event. The strongest being the EF2 tornado that started in Calhoun county and ended in Cleveland County. Wind speeds of that tornado were estimated to be between 111 to 135 MPH.

Straight-line wind damage and even very large hail (baseball size) was reported from this one event.

Below are pictures of the damage caused by the EF2 tornado. A 160-year-old church was destroyed by the tornado. Other notable damage happened in the Fordyce area. Fordyce Country Club received heavy damage as well as transmission lines in the area.

Only 18 tornadoes were confirmed in 2012 with seven of those happening on January 22. It was the most recorded from one event that year.

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