Petit Jean River reaches major flood stage at Danville gauge- flood warning in effect

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DANVILLE, Ark.- Major flooding is ongoing at the Petit Jean River based on the river gauge located at Danville.

Excessive rainfall over the last few days has caused this problem and with more forecast over the next 24 hours, water levels are forecast to rise a bit more.

Because water levels are forecast to rise a little more, a flood warning is in effect until Monday evening, September 7, 2020.

This is an area near Dutch Creek which runs into the Petit Jean River. Because the river is flooding, water is backing up in the tributaries that flow into the Petit Jean River.

As of 11 AM, Wednesday morning, the stage was 27 ft. Flood stage begins at 20 ft.

The river is expected to crest Wednesday evening near 27.8 ft.

Impacts: Based on history when the river crested near 28 ft in May 1990 and March 2008, many roads and bridges along the river and tributaries flooded. State highways 27 and 80 were also impacted. These similar instances could occur again with the current flooding.

Structural flooding in Danville is also possible.

The Petit Jean River is forecast to drop out of major flood stage Thursday and be out of flood stage all together late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

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