LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – WEDNESDAY EVENING UPDATE: A few lingering storms move through central and east Arkansas early Wednesday evening, but the bulk of storm activity is out of Arkansas. These storms are expected to remain below severe status with some heavy rain & brief, gusty wind.

All counties out of the Tornado Watch in Arkansas as of 6pm Wednesday

Temps cooled to the 40s over NWA as of 6pm. Little Rock will drop to the 40s overnight, with lower humidity and some sunshine returning Thursday.

Here’s the latest on the timing, location, and risks from the Arkansas Storm Team.


Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, a cluster of strong to severe storms over Oklahoma and Texas will evolve into a squall line. West Arkansas will see storms in the early morning starting around 4am.

The storms will continue to move from west to east, reaching Little Rock by late morning through early afternoon. Storms are expected to intensify as they track farther east in the early afternoon. East and southeast Arkansas have the highest chance of seeing severe storms. The storms will be east of the Mississippi River by sunset and the severe weather threat will be over. Here’s the latest forecast track. ↓


Storms are more likely to be severe during the afternoon and evening, thanks to the heat from the sun and strong southerly wind importing moisture.

Since these storms reach central and eastern Arkansas during the day, this is where they will likely be strongest. This is especially the case in eastern Arkansas, where the Storm Prediction Center has highlighted a Level 4 out of 5 (moderate risk in red).

Severe weather risk for overnight Tuesday, March 29, into Wednesday, March 30.
Tuesday morning outlook from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center for severe weather on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.


Severe weather can be dangerous, damaging, and sometimes deadly. While the greatest risk with these storms will be damaging winds in excess of 60 mph, there is a threat of isolated tornadoes, especially into Wednesday afternoon over east Arkansas. 

Some large hail may also be possible, but this threat is lowest. Flooding is also possible, though the fast-moving nature of these storms may keep rainfall amounts down just a bit. Overall, a half to one inch of rain is expected for central Arkansas.

Risks for tornadoes, large hail, high winds and localized flooding with the severe weather expected on March 30, 2022.

Stay with the Arkansas Storm Team for the latest information concerning this mid-week severe event. 


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