LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Much-needed rain fell across Arkansas last week. Many areas saw several inches, however, there were a few spots that only received a few tenths of an inch.

All of Arkansas was in need of rainfall. The current drought monitor that came out last Thursday shows extreme drought across much of northern Arkansas. Moderate to severe drought covers much of the rest of the state.

Current drought monitor

Thankfully, many areas that needed rain received some over the last week. Over the last seven days, Little Rock saw almost two and a half inches of rain. Some parts of the state, near Jonesboro, saw almost 5 inches. There were locally heavy areas of rainfall across the state that also exceeded 5 inches.

However, some areas remained relativity dry. Only two-hundredths of an inch officially fell in Mena.

Rainfall totals across the state over the last seven days.

The new drought monitor is set to come out this Thursday. Drought conditions are expected to have improved in several areas thanks to recent rainfall.