Saharan Dust Heading for the United States

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A plume of Saharan Dust is currently making its way west across the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. It will arrive in the southern United States in the next couple days.

Visible Satellite Imagery shows the Saharan Dust over the Caribbean Tuesday afternoon.
Credit: NOAA

Although Saharan dust making into the United States happens quite often, this is an unusually thick layer of dust.

When the Trade winds increase between the equator and the 30 degrees north latitude line, they help kick up dust from the Sahara Desert. Since there is nothing to block the dust once it departs off the west coast of Africa, the dust can be carried west to Central and North America.

How will the dust affect us? It will create a bit more haziness in the atmosphere in the U.S. but it will also help create more vivid sunsets & sunrises.

The dust is expected to reach Arkansas Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 25-28, 2020.

While the dust is in this large plume state spanning across the Atlantic and Caribbean, it helps create dry and stable air over the region. This is something that hurts tropical development.

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