September 2020 weather wrap-up

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Taking a look back at September 2020, this month certainly trended much cooler compared to 2019 when we recorded temperatures at or above 90 degrees for 22 of the 30 days. Normal high temperatures for September should be near 90 at the start of the month but trend towards a high near 80 by the 30th. We were well away from that for much of Sept. 2019.

As mentioned, this year is much different as you see below. Most of the month trended much cooler. In fact, we only recorded 7 days above 90 degrees. Out of the 30 days, only 12 of them were reported as above normal. While you only count 11 days colored in red there was an error in the graphic below as a red should have highlighted the fourth day of the month as well.

Why the cooler trend? A few factors played into this which included a few early season cold fronts that helped keep temperatures below normal as well as not having an intense, late-season high pressure system over the Southeast.

September 2020 also marks the sixth month in a row that we’ve reported a below-average monthly temperature. The trend started back in April.

Moving on to rainfall, we ended up very close to normal for what September should have for rainfall amounts but it was not spread out through the month very well. 10 of the 30 days registered rainfall with it concentrated towards the beginning and end of the month. There was a 10 day dry stretch for Little Rock mid-month which could have been 16 days if it had not rained on the 10th.

As we moved into the month of September, we have moved into meteorological fall which means the seasonal rain counter was reset. For the months of September, October and November, we should collect as a combined total close to 13.5 inches of rainfall. So far, we are on track. We will have to see if October and November meet their quota.

Something to note, as of October 1, we are less than half an inch shy of our yearly normal.

Lastly, let’s take a look at cloud cover. For the most part, cloudiness stayed close to the two periods when rainfall was observed while sunny to partly cloudy days covered the rest of the month.

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