LITTLE ROCK, Ark – After a very hot and dry stretch of weather, widespread rain is finally back in the forecast. However too much rain at one time can be a bad thing. Across much of Arkansas, drought conditions have worsened, making the ground hard and dry.

Current drought monitor as of July 19th.

Areas that are expected to receive the highest amounts of rainfall look to be across northern Arkansas. This is due to a stationary boundary that is parked across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. This will be the source of rainfall chances for the next few days.

Potential rainfall amounts for the next 7 days.

Models differ slightly on rainfall amounts. Generally speaking, it looks likely that northern Arkansas could see around 1.5-3 inches of rain. Central Arkansas looks to be around .75-1.5 inches. Southern Arkansas looks to have the lowest chances for heavy rainfall with most areas expected to receive an inch or less.

Overall, it looks like much of Arkansas has a great chance of beneficial rain across the area throughout the rest of the week.

Current forecast track shows shower and thunderstorm activity to be fairly scattered. Therefore, there will likely be pockets of heavier rainfall across the state over the next few days.

Animated forecast for expected rainfall.

The weather prediction center has also outlined parts of northern and central Arkansas at risk for excessive rainfall over the next few days. Pockets of localized flooding could be possible this week due to heavy rainfall.