Snow drought continues for Little Rock

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Let’s not dodge around the flakes. Snow is a big deal for Arkansas whether it is a dusting to several inches.

Anytime snow is mentioned in the forecast, snow dances ensue across the Natural State. While everyone would like the snow forecast to move down, up, or over into their area, it’s not common for a statewide snowfall event to satisfy all the cravings of wanting snow at once.

So far, the winter of 2020-2021 continues to verify that notion. We have had several events bring snow to northern Arkansas and one recently to south Arkansas?

What about central Arkansas? While Little Rock has observed traces (when snow falls but not enough to measure) of snow recently, only west-central Arkansas in the Ouachitas has been successful.

So a trace has been reported but when was the last time Little Rock reported measurable snowfall?

The last time was November 14th, 2018 when a system provided two-tenths of an inch. That was two years and two months ago. It has been longer than that since Little Rock observed an inch or more.

As of January 12, 2021, is has been a few days shy of three years since an inch or more snowfall has been measured in the capital city.

The image above shows the record being quite significant. This most recent stretch is so far the 4th longest in weather history for Little Rock. Records date back to the late 1800s.

Could we break that streak this winter? While there is no guarantee, the weather pattern so far this season has been fairly active and most active in a few seasons.

We are in a La Nina pattern which generally holds to an overall drier and warmer pattern for winter in Arkansas. While that is so, it doesn’t mean that every single day of winter will be like that. We can and have had bouts of cold and winter weather inbetween warmer and drier spells.

We will continue to watch the forecast and make sure to let you know when signs point to helping this current snow drought comes to an end.

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