LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Arkansas just experienced its biggest snowstorm since the record-breaking snowstorms of February 2021. This storm was not nearly as impactful as last winter’s snow, but there were some very impressive totals in parts of the Natural State.

Snow totals range widely across the state. Parts of northern Arkansas especially at high elevations saw the most snow. Locations in the Boston Mountains started to see snowfall early Saturday morning and it didn’t stop until late Saturday night. With that many hours of snow, some locations saw around a foot of snow!

Below is a picture from Searcy County taken on Saturday morning. This was a location that saw snow for most of the day.

CREDIT: Searcy County Chamber of Commerce

The Ouachita Mountains were another location that saw higher snow totals. There have been reports of 3-6″ there.

The least amount of snow was seen at the lowest elevations. The Arkansas River valley and the Little Rock metro saw a trace to as much as 3″ of snow.

Overall the snow reports matched up pretty well with the Arkansas Storm Team’s forecast.

To see the forecast from the Arkansas storm team click here.

Now that the snow is done falling it will begin to melt. The temperature will be warming over the next few days.

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