Temperatures trend well below normal before rebounding into the weekend

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Temperatures the next few days are going to trend well below normal for the first week of August. Instead of highs in the low-mid 90’s, high temperatures Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will only reach the mid-upper 80’s.


A pair of cold fronts that moved through Arkansas over the weekend have reinforced cooler air across the Plains, mid-south, mid-west and parts of the southeast.

A large ridge of high pressure will build up Tuesday through Friday to the north. This system will cause air to sink and compress, which is opposite of how we get cloud cover (air rising and condensing). Therefore, you can expect more sunshine for the next few days and very low rain chances. In fact, there’s no rain in the forecast Tuesday or Wednesday for central Arkansas.

The passing cold fronts along with the ridge of high pressure are also producing drier air. Dew points show at what temperature the air must cool to become saturated with moisture. Dew points will be far lower than the actual temperatures, especially in the afternoon hours.

Typically, dew points above 65 degrees are an indication of more humid conditions. Below that, however, indicates drier air.

Tuesday will be especially refreshing from morning to afternoon, as dew points drop to the 50-60 degree range statewide.

After that though, dew points will be rising with a return of moisture in the atmosphere as a warm front starts to lift northeast into the state as early as Thursday. The arrival of this warm front will not only bring in more moisture from the south, but it will also bring in warmer air – leading to temperatures rising back to the 90’s Friday through the weekend.

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