Tropical Depressions 13 & 14 Heading Towards U.S.

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- At 10 AM CDT, the National Hurricane Center updated its tropical forecast showing two systems that will need to be watched as the churn towards the U.S.

Tropical Depression 13: This system is forecast to maintain its current northwest movement over the next few days. While doing so, it will be heading into an environment that will allow for gradual strengthening.

By 96 hours, the NHC is expecting this system to become a hurricane north of Cuba.

Tropical Depression 14: Earlier this morning, a flight reconnaissance crew surveyed this wave and found decent organization that allowed for it to be upgraded to a tropical depression.

The NHC is expecting this system to become a tropical storm within the next 18 hours as it moves west towards Honduras.

By Friday evening, this system is forecast to turn northwest and move over the Yucatan Peninsula then eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. Once it moves into the Gulf of Mexico by early next week, there is a chance this system will continue to strengthen. At this time, it is impossible to know how strong it will get or the impacts it will have on the U.S.

One thing is for certain with both of these systems is that both will need to be watched.

Laura and Marco will be the names used for these storms but it will depend on which depression becomes a tropical storm first.

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