LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Sleet and freezing rain are exiting the state from west to east Thursday night. Now we are looking forward to melting weather to end the week.

Here in the Little Rock Metro, the temperatures hovered near 32°. When freezing rain falls with temperatures greater than 30° it cannot accumulate on non-elevated roadways. There were a few accidents on elevated bridges Thursday morning. Locations north of I-40 saw more travel impacts. Temperatures below 30° allowed for ice and sleet-covered roads in Northern Arkansas.

Cars trying to drive from West Little Rock to NLR were stuck for nearly three hours on I-430 SB at the River Bridge due to an accident there Thursday morning.


Behind this storm, we will see a drop in temperatures Thursday night into Friday morning. With temperatures dropping into the teens and 20s we will see any water freeze. Patchy black ice is possible Friday morning.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK: The weekend will be split. There is a weak low-pressure system that will be moving in from the Gulf of Mexico during the day Saturday. This could start as a brief burst of sleet or freezing rain, but temperatures will be too warm to support any accumulations. The rain will wrap up during the early morning hours Sunday. Sunday will be much nicer! Temperatures will rise into the low and mid 50s with sunny skies!

NEXT WEEK: We will see a warming trend next week. Temperatures will rise into the 60s and 70s Monday – Thursday with dry weather!


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