Well Hello Chilly Air

Cold Front_5535840772601105072

It’s time to dust off those sweaters and long sleeves because a strong cold front is coming to town.

This is it like your run of the mill cold front either.  This is the kind of cold front that can turn the season around in a heart beat.  You can already make out from the image above that temperatures behind the front are struggling to reach the 40’s and 50’s up in the Dakotas.  That brisk, chilly air you see is aiming straight for Arkansas.

So you maybe asking yourself, when is it going to get here?  Judging by the latest trends and model data, the cold front should arrive sometime late Friday evening.  So you won’t notice it on your way back from work tomorrow.  There is a chance though you might encounter a few showers and that chilly air while you’re out for high school football games. If you head up north or west of Little Rock Friday evening then prepare yourself.

Once we fall behind the front Friday night, we’ll have gusty winds  and you’ll notice the refreshing cool air once you wake up for Saturday morning.  Speaking of which, Saturday overall looks wet and gloomy with temperatures not budging out of the 50’s – Now that’s a cold front for ya.  By Sunday, we’ll see the sunshine come out but that will only boost temperatures close to 60 degrees.  Not to mention, next Monday morning looks downright cold and frosty with temperatures possibly reaching the upper 30’s.

It goes without saying, this next front is going to be quite a change for us, so get those coats ready to go.

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