CLINTON, Ark. – A winter wonderland in Clinton turns into a winter nightmare for some drivers.

Van Buren County Judge Dale James said that the winter storm caught most people in town off guard.

“Even though the temperatures were warm it piled up faster than it melted,” James said.

James said that, in addition to icy roads, another issue is fallen trees on roads, and then actually getting to the roads that the trees fell on.

“At this time, we would probably estimate 100 trees those are in the process of being worked on… not only have the county crews been working on those so have first responders fire department sheriff’s office,” James said.

Hundreds of cars were stranded across the road on Tuesday night. James added that it’s important to note some secondary roads could still be impassible on Wednesday and that the roads could still freeze again overnight. He stressed that drivers be careful on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Just be your own judge. If it’s too difficult to navigate, make your own decision and call my office and let me know. We’ll get help as soon as we can,” James said.