LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Freezing temperatures and rain continue to cause problems in Arkansas and while some are not ready to leave their driveway because of ice, others couldn’t leave because of fallen trees.

F Street in Little Rock was impassible Tuesday night due when a tree fell into the road. One homeowner recalled it sounding like thunder when a second tree, on the opposite side of the first, fell onto his wife’s car and poked a hole through the roof above their driveway and kitchen.

Folsom Tree Service removed the tree Wednesday. Larry Folsom said one limb came through right over his sink.

“All the water that came off of the tree dripped into the sink and it was gone,” Folsom described.

The business said the tree was the first they had taken care of during the latest winter storm, but any additional freezing rain could make a big difference.

Folsom Tree Service stated the two trees on F Street were already growing too close together, but wet ground combined with extra weight from ice-glazed branches also played a part.

“The heavier the ice is, the more we get, the more you’re going to see this,” Folsom said gesturing to the downed trees behind him.

Elsewhere in Little Rock, people are less worried about what is above their heads but rather what is under their feet. Paul Bash hasn’t driven on the road yet. He’s had enough excitement walking his dog.

“Sometimes it looks wet, and it’s not wet at all its ice, and coming up the hill I went like that,” Bash said.

“I’m an older sort of man, I don’t say old, but I don’t want to fall on my rump,” Bash admitted.

According to Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), due to slick conditions, they have seen a 7% increase in falls they’ve responded to compared to last week in the same time span.

Bash said he hopes the worst is behind him. Folsom said it might be.

“As light as it’s been, you may not see very much more damage, but if it gets heavier, it will cause a lot more damage,” Folsom concluded.

If you find yourself in the need of tree removal, Folsom Tree Service can be reached by visiting